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Created Jan 2022: Each Ape is unique with no duplicates and built using refined Ape DNA

0xApes is a distinct 'Expansion Pack' for the Web3 Apeverse

A standalone collection of 10,000 distinctive and collectable Apes that live on the Ethereum Blockchain


0xApes are #'s 10,000 - 19,999

Deconstructed > Reconstructed >  Refined

Importantly there are no duplicates of the original BAYC Assortment

All 0x backgrounds are ‘Banana Yellow’ Hex #FFD42F which does not feature on BAYC


0xApes are driving uniqueness through refinement. No two Apes are the same


Become a part of our journey to create a distinctive and standalone collection of primates
with an 0xApe that will be entirely unique and entirely yours!

[0xApes is a community built expansion project and is NOT affiliated with BAYC, MAYC, or Yuga Labs]


Deconstruct / Reconstruct / Refine

The original team deconstructed 160 property layers [DNA] from the BAYC collection and subsequently reconstructed a collection ensuring each 0xApe is unique [refined] from apes in both the BAYC and 0xApes collections


Many traits were redrawn & corrected to ensure a seamless blend across the collection once minted

Visually Distinct

As well as totally unique [refined] trait combinations, naming and asset numbering, 0xApes are visually distinct from BAYC NFTs opting for a single and highly vibrant Banana yellow colorway instead of one of eight pastel shades in the original BAYC collection. 0xApes have never claimed, or implied they are BAYC assets


0xApes Under New Management 

As of Feb 2024 the 0xApes project is under new management

M0R84N, a BAYC NFT holder at the time, who first aped into the project in Feb 2022 spending 14 ETH on the most rare Ape #17535 has officially acquired 0xApes via one of his corporate entities; 0xAPES Ltd

M0R84N is the founder of the Pavia Metaverse Project, a crypto entrepreneur and member of the MAYC

Both sides have agreed to ongoing communication & collaboration between 0xApes Ltd and Tribe, we are excited for what the future may hold

My Journey & Vision 

"Whilst investing in, and building my own crypto projects I was fortunate enough to be able to afford BAYC NFTs such as an #OG BAYC Ape, Mutants and a BAKC, I was able to mint Otherside land and received an Apecoin airdrop. At a similar time I discovered 0xApes and scooped up the most rare [king] Ape. At that time my twitter feed was full of banana yellow, it was a wild time... 

I then witnessed firsthand a demand for more from the community, the 0x team went on to build and deploy an NFT marketplace and ultimately TRIBE. It is amazing to see that linked, but notably distinct ecosystem continue to thrive. I have owned and still own Tribe but my heart lies with the 0xApes, perhaps because of how they align with me and my BAYC journey, or simply perhaps because I am the 'king' of the 0x tribe. During 2023 I started to develop a vision for 0xApes and ultimately approach the team...

I believe that these NFTs are first and foremost part of your Web3 identity. Let's face it not everyone can afford a Bored Ape and many that can have chosen not to own one. To me there is a certain magic to these 0xApes; from the unique trait combinations to the striking banana yellow background and not to mention the almost 3,500 unique owners. Despite a bear market and a migration to Tribe there remains a strong, loyal community of 0xApes holders...

With the above in mind here is my very simply three step plan for this project:

1. Community [re]engagement & growth 

2. Encouragement & showcasing of real world 0x use cases & businesses 

3. Exploration into the Metaverse 

I encourage each and every one of my fellow 0xApes to help with the above, together we can do great things but please remember this is very much a passion project for me. I have received no funds from the original mint and there is no 0xApes treasury. Once the Smart Contracts are updated the sole source of 'project' income will be from royalties which I believe are mostly optional when listing...

I have included the above to be open and transparent, however I am a crypto entrepreneur, I believe I have a natural ability to spot and take advantage of opportunities which present themselves. I am the founder of a metaverse project which provides me with access to some very creative and talented people. Perhaps with the love and support of the community we may just create something special... 

So, let's start the next 0xApes chapter together!" 

M0R8AN @ 0XApes

Legal Notice: To re-confirm this project has no affiliation, implied or otherwise, with BAYC, MAYC, or Yuga Labs. It remains a community built spin off project, first minted over 2 years ago in January 2022, with a collection of assets that may resemble the original Bored Apes but all bear a unique combination of refined traits, naming, numbering and sport a very distinct yellow background. 0xApes Ltd was incorporated in 2024 some two years after the mint, and neither it, nor M0R84N, were members of the original 0xApes team or advisors. The new owners have not received any funding from the original mint, past royalties or funds from any other related matters. The 0xApes project remains verified and tradable on Opensea without challenge. The original 0xApes project creators have reassured the new owner in writing that no notices have been received from BAYC or Yuga Labs or their lawyers in respect of any proposed copyright issues. Furthermore, the 0xApes project has never defamed the BAYC project or its founders and it is reasonably believed there is a harmonious relationship between the two projects which have co-existed for over two years. This acquisition has taken place in good faith, with ongoing best intentions. As an individual M0R84N relies on the ongoing protection awarded to him via Limited company and Common Law. Please address any related enquiries FAO of M0R84N to: 

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